About US


Nambikkai Foundation was founded by a group of friends in 2009 that want to make a difference in people’s lives but formally registered as a Non-Profit Company in 2015.  On a quarterly basis since 2009, the Nambikkai Foundation has been providing grocery hampers to needy families across the Durban area.  

In 2014 the number of families living below the poverty line grew and the need to assist  these families became clear.  This brought about the formal registration of the
Nambikkai Foundation and in 2015, our dream was realised. 

Now being a more formal and controlled organisation with Directors and committee members.


The Future

The Nambikkai Foundation would like to expand its current operation to other regions of the country.  Nambikkai in Tamil means "HOPE".  In the future the Nambikkai Foundation would like its hand of hope to extend to reach children with education needs, aid in Humanitarian Relief and counselling and aid to families who have lost loved ones through cancer and motor vehicle accidents.


Our Mission Statement

We at Nambikkai Foundation offer assistance to those in need, to inspire, to offer positive motivation towards a stronger community and to build a better tomorrow by us.


Our Vision

For the Nambikkai Foundation to grow from strength to strength as a non-profit organisation providing relief to those in need.