How can you Help?

There are numerous ways you can get involved with Nambikkai Foundation. You have the power to help — by registering to be a regular donor, volunteering, or making a once off donation via payfast. The work we do is fuelled by your support



If you are not able to be a donor, please support Nambikkai Foundation’s work in one of the following ways:

•Make an online cash donation
•Become a monthly funder of our work, this may be an amount of your choice (min R50 for a tax certificate)
•Host a fundraising event on behalf of The Nambikkai Foundation
•Volunteer to assist with our regular fundraising events and donor drives
•Support our campaigns and events
•Consider leaving a bequest to Nambikkai Foundation in your Will
•Assist the Fund on social media. By simply “liking” and “sharing” a post on Facebook can be enormously beneficial and this broadens the reach to potential donors, funders and collaborations.

There are many ways that individuals and organisations can assist the various branches of Nambikkai Foundation – be it product and/or service.